Eyes on Vintage

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" Have no fear of perfection   You'll never reach it "

Salvador Dali

Creations of Positive Energy                                Dreamscapes

'Eyes on Vintage' is the spin-off of my passion for vintage cars, classic cars,

their design and photography.

Driving a vintage car is rather driving a dream than driving a car.

By means of creative and/or surrealistic photography I try to visualize these dreams.  Some might be delightful, others fanciful or mysterious ... since

that's how dreams look like.  When someone asks me "How can you read the dreams of vintage car drivers ?" ... with a big smile on my face ... I simply reply

"I can't !  However... I got some feeling..."  In the end, it's all in our mind.

Besides "Vintage" Cars you will also discover views of Other "Vintage"

and even some 'Exceptions to the rule', especially in the Gallery "Others".

Any so called "imperfection" in the Cars photoworks is kept or done intentionally.

We are dealing with "vintage" after all !

Actually, this is wat makes my photoworks "unique".

Thank you for visiting 'Eyes on Vintage Photography'.

I hope you will enjoy my 'Creations of Positive Energy'.

Marc J. Vanderstraeten, Belgium

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